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Latest News(last Updated 26/04/2017)

Dubai :

This is to inform you that there are delay in UAE visa approval. It has been observed that all applications are getting scrutinize and are taking time to get it cleared from blacklist and security check.

Applications may take more than the normal time taken to get it approved. Hence we request you to kindly apply the application at least 5-7 days from in advance to avoid last moment hassle.

We thank you for your co-operation & kind understanding.

China :

As per the latest update, Chinese Embassy and Chinese Visa Application Center will remain CLOSED on 29th and 30th May 2017 on account of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

Hence, there will be NO Submission and Collections for the Chinese Visa (Both Normal and Urgent) on 29th and 30th May 2017.

Hence submission and collection schedule will stand as below.

Service Submission Date Collection Date
Normal 24th May 2017 31st May 2017
Normal 25th May 2017 1st June 2017
Normal 26th May 2017 2nd June 2017
Express 26th May 2017 31st May 2017

Kindly make a note of the above while sending your Chinese Visa Applications during this period.

Singapore :

Please note that due to seasonal rush, the Singapore visas are taking more than the normal time taken for processing visa.

It is advised to have the travel date after minimum of 10-12 days before sending the visa applications to our office.

Singapore Embassy Agents do not release the passport before the visa is released and there is no way we can get the passport back once applied for Singapore visa.

Please advice to all your travellers accordingly before sending their Singapore cases to us.

Australian High Commission :

This is to update you that Australian High Commission is taking over 30 working days to process the Business and Tourist visas. This is primarily due to the seasonal load of visa applications at the High commission and this situation is going to prevail over next 2-3 months.

Please note that the High Commission does NOT entertain any request for expediting the visas after submission. Hence, please advise to all your applicants who are willing to travel to Australia in upcoming 


As per the latest update, The Embassy of Ukraine require the INVITATION LETTER FROM LEGAL PERSON REGISTERED IN UKRAINE, presented on the official letter head :

  • Containing indication of the number assigned in the United State Registry of legal entities,
  • Individual entrepreneurs and citizens association, registration number,
  • Date and signature, full name of the invited person, information about his/her date and place of birth, nationality ,passport details, place of residence,
  • Purpose of visit, duration of intended visa to Ukraine, number of entries
  • And place of stay in Ukraine, legal person’s obligations towards possible costs related to the invited person’s stay or departure from Ukraine.

Hence, we request you to kindly send us the Invitation Letter with above mentioned information.(Colour scan copy of Invitation letter will also do )

Please make a note of the above while sending us your Visa Applications for UKRAINE.

Note : This is to inform you that MOST OF THE EMBASSIES will remain CLOSED on 01-MAY-2017 (MONDAY)

Applicants, who want to visit the embassies for submission, interview or collection of their visas, are advised to PERSONALLY CHECK WITH THE EMBASSY before making their visit on 01-MAY-2017 (Monday).

Kindly advice to all your applicants accordingly.

Belgium - Legalization of Medical Certificates:

Medical certificates issued by physicians recognized by the Embassy / Consulate General of Belgium, Delhi and Mumbai are no longer required to be legalized by the Embassy / Consulate of Belgium.

HOLIDAY UPDATE:(last Updated 23/12/2016)

Kindly find below the holidays in the upcoming week for Embassies/Consulates/Outsourced Visa Application Centres.

Russia: Embassy of Russian Federation, Delhi and Consulate General of Russian Federation, Mumbai will be closed from 2nd Jan 2017 till 8th Jan 2017 on account of New Year Holidays.

Philippines: Embassy of the Republic of Philippines, Delhi will be closed on 26th Dec 2016 (in lieu of Christmas), 30th Dec 2016 (Rizal Day) and 2nd Jan 2017 (New Year Day).

Honorary Consulate of Philippines, Chennai will be closed on 23rd, 26th and 30th Dec 2016 and 2nd Jan 2017 on account of Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Australia: High Commission for Australia, Delhi and Australia Visa Application Centres across India will be closed on 26th and 27th Dec 2016 in lieu of Christmas and Additional DFAT Holiday respectively.

New Zealand: New Zealand High Commission, Delhi and TT Services (New Zealand VAC), Delhi will be closed on 26th and 27th Dec 2016 on account of Christmas and on 2nd Jan 2017 on account of New Year Holiday.

Denmark: Royal Danish Embassy, Delhi and The Danish Visa Application Centres across India will be closed from 26th Dec 2016 till 30th Dec 2016 on account of Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Japan: Delhi - Embassy of Japan and VFS Japan visa application centre, Delhi will be closed from 29th Dec 2016 till 3rd Jan 2016 on account of New Year Holidays.

Please note that NO visa applications will be accepted on Tuesday, 27th Dec 2016 post 13:30 Hrs and Wednesday 28th Dec 2016 (Entire Day). However, passports of the processed application will be released and can be collected on the aforesaid dates.

Chennai & Mumbai - Consulate General of Japan, Chennai and Mumbai will be closed from 29th Dec 2016 till 3rd Jan 2016 on account of New Year Holidays.

Thailand: Royal Thai Embassy - Delhi, Consulate General of Thailand - Mumbai, Thailand visa application centre in Delhi and Mumbai will be closed on 2nd and 3rd Jan 2017 in the lieu of New Year Holidays and on 26th Jan 2017 on account of Republic Day of India.

Belgium: The Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai and The Belgium Visa Application Centres in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore will be closed on 26th December 2016 in lieu of Christmas.

Please Note: Most of the Embassies / Consulates / Outsourced visa application centres will be closed between 26th December 2016 and 6th Jan 2016 in lieu of Christmas and New Year Holidays.


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Help on telephone and email- Lists and check lists/formats

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